Fleming in Euphemismland

On Thursday at 2:00, Victoria city councillor Rob Fleming will be making a "community" announcement about "government issues" with a possible provincial connection. A senior party member told us yesterday the announcement would declassify one of the provincial New Democrat's worst-kept secrets: Mr. Fleming's much-discussed plan to seek a party nomination in Victoria-Hillside. Mr. Fleming, who will likely be challenged by former MLA Steve Orcherton, denied that rumour but told Public Eye to show up anyway saying, "If nothing else, you'll get a good coffee out of it." The event will be held at Caffe Fantastico, a popular coffee shop in Victoria-Hillside.


Let's hope it's true.Anytime we can get an NDPer off of council it opens up a seat for a more forward thinking individual! Go Rob Go!

You wouldn`t by any chance think that Gordon Campbell is a forward thinking individual would you, Jeff?

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