Mustel and Ipsos-Reid get ready to rumble

Mustel Research Group Ltd. and Ipsos-Reid Corp. are on a collision course. Both polling firms have provincial voting intention and leadership approval numbers in the can and are set to release them sometime soon (possibly this week, according to the rumour mill). So the race will be on to see who can crunch, analyze and get them out first. But the big question is what will those numbers be. No answers were forthcoming. But according to Ipsos-Reid vice-president of public affairs Kyle Braid, "We know British Columbians are feeling more positive about the economy. The real question is whether they will give credit to the B.C. Liberals for that or whether all the other things they have been complaining and anxious about are going to override that, including a very personal impression of the premier."


The new Mustel poll has the NDP at 45% and the Liberals at 33%. Green at 14%. Good Stuff.

And Ipsos has them tied:

NDP: 38
Libs: 37
Greens: 17
Unity: 3
Others: 3

Someone's wrong.
But considering how the pollsters did during the federal election - the whole debate might be moot

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