The importance of splitting hairs

An advanced copy of this month's edition of BC Political Insider, obtained exclusively by Public Eye, provides some insight into what went down at the provincial Liberal's recent Harrison Hot Springs caucus retreat. According to newsletter co-founder and former Grit communications director Ian Jessop, "Liberal MLAs were told...that the government has to 'simplify' its message to voters. In order to do that, the party has been conducting a series of focus groups to get an idea of what the public thinks of certain messaging. In his presentation to MLAs, Chief of Staff Martyn Brown reported that focus groups do not accept the phrase, 'The province has turned the corner,' but they do accept the statement that, 'The province is turning the corner.' The distinction being that British Columbians are not quite ready to buy into the belief that the worst is over and there's nothing but good times ahead."

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Politically speaking, splitting hairs is actually spinning lies which is a "political truth"... Costanza said it best : "it is not a lie if you believe it". (and god knows they want us to believe it!!)

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