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The federal Liberal's internal polling results for Saanich-Gulf Islands and Vancouver North have officially been released. The poll, which was conducted by Synovate (the market research arm of the Aegis Group plc) between June 23 and 24, showed the Liberals at 23.7 percent in Saanich-Gulf Islands, the Conservatives at 21.3, the New Democrats at 20.7 and the Greens at 12.3. Meanwhile, in North Vancouver, the Conservatives are at 29.7 percent, the Liberals at 28, the New Democrats at 15 and the Greens at 11.7. The margin of error is 5.8 percent points.

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New Skeena now declares bankruptcy.. This has been a very long time coming and now New Skeena is stating that there are no assets for creditors as there is now another entity that they owe too much to. Where did this other entity come from & how did this debt accrue to this new entity. Extravigant promises have been made to northern communities by New Skeena , non of which have seen fruition. If New Skeena has been in debt to this other entity all this time what the hell has been this song & dance about its reopening. It appears to me that the debt load they are now stating they have would have precluded their opening all this time.. How do the tax payers find out just how much of New Skeena's debts have accrued in last five years & how much has been in place before this?? At one point the municipalities were going to take New Skeens to court for unpaid debts now these new debts avoid payment of debts to municipality?? I am way beyond minorly suspicious?? How can a financial audit of credibility of these debts be iniciated?? It seems to me that NWBC Timber & Pulp has expanded its debt position through this song & dance done in last five years by new Skeena. Though the Mucipalities, the workers and the Provincial government has been asked to give up significant revenue and have discussed & committed to dong so - What has been the result. It looks like a shell game to me & I am concerned that the game players will leave with the pea never having placed it in the game!!!

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