Basketcase ministry diagnosis confirmed?

Is there another mismanagement scandal brewing at the Ministry of Children and Family Development? Public Eye has learned the government has just completed an "operational review" (read: audit) of the Vancouver Aboriginal Child and Family Services Society, the largest provincial contractor of its kind in British Columbia. According to the ministry's rumour mill, the review will include evidence of significant financial mismanagement at the society, which was setup in 1999 to provide children and family services to aboriginal peoples living in Vancouver. But children and family development communications director Deborah Bowman pooh-poohed those rumours.

In an interview with Public Eye she said, "We don't have a scandal or anything like what you started your conversation with. It's certainly not that...We've identified some issues (at the society). We want to help them through their financial management. And we're working in total partnership with them. There's a draft but I haven't seen it. And there's no final at this point. When the final is available you're welcome to FOI it."

When asked what specific problems have been identified, Ms. Bowman said, "I don't know. I haven't seen the audit. I haven't seen the recommendations. I don't know that." But she did say the draft would be finalized in the next couple weeks.

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Seems perfectly logical to me; after all doesn't this ministry now operate on the principle of all audit all the time (ie. no time, or money, for actual kids or families).

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