Guess who's back

No it's not just Ed Broadbent. Greg Lyle, Premier Gordon Campbell's former chief of staff and 1996 election campaign manager, has been spotted in Victoria. Mr. Lyle, who is now part of Toronto-based research/strategy firm Navigator Ltd. (along with Chretien loyalist Warren Kinsella and Mulroney aide Stew Braddick), also managed provincial cabinet minister Bud Smith's failed run for the Social Credit leadership and advised Manitoba premier Gary Filmon during his unsuccessful 1999 re-election campaign. When asked whether he was working on contract for the provincial government, Mr. Lyle told Public Eye, "I just can't get into what I'm up to. It's client stuff. And if clients want to say what I'm doing then they say what I'm doing." Mr. Lyle, however, did add that, "there should be lots more sightings of me, mostly on the Horseshoe Bay-Langdale ferry," since he'll be spending the summer in British Columbia, staying at his Sunshine Coast home.

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