The revolving door keeps revolving

It has come to Public Eye's attention, via a concerned citizen, that two more contestants have voted themselves off of the increasing deserted island that has become known as the public affairs bureau. Finance communications director Karen Johnston, who was stranded 10 years ago following a career in the media, is being airlifted out on July 2 to become the vice-president of client relations at the B.C. Ambulance Service. Meanwhile, health services and planning communications manager Suzanne Germain launches her patchwork raft next Wednesday after working on it for the past four years. She's being rescued by the S.S. Vancouver Island Health Authority where she'll be serving as a media and issues advisor.

Ms. Johnston and Ms. Germaine worked together at Vancouver radio station CKNW. Their departure means wags now have two fewer reasons to call the public affairs bureau the CKNW nursing home. In related news, caucus communications officer Stephen Gammer, he of the curly hair and Jack Nicholson smile, is leaving government to become a Surrey real estate salesman with his father (not a far jump from politics, surely). Mr. Gammer, who started work at the legislature back in March, was previously Vancouver-Burrard MLA Lorne Mayencourt's constituency assistant. Prior to that, he had been assistant manager of a financial aid program at the Saint James Community Service Society in East Vancouver.

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