But where's Maverick and Goose?

It has come to Public Eye's attention, via a concerned citizen, that former Canadian Alliance leader Stockwell Day's chief of staff Ian Todd was hired earlier today as a ministerial assistant to provincial Revenue Minister Rick Thorpe. Mr. Todd, who currently lives in Vancouver and is known in some political circles as the Iceman because of single-mindedness and serious expression, was also former Reform leader Preston Manning's right-hand man. No word yet on why this workaholic power-player has thrown his lot in with Minister Thorpe, who belongs to the meat-eating component of government caucus. However, we do know Mr. Todd previously worked on Belinda Stronach's federal Conservative leadership campaign. And the man in charge of that campaign in British Columbia was none other than infamous provincial Liberal bagman and advisor Patrick Kinsella. Mr. Todd's appointment follows the hiring of federal Liberal Environment Minister David Anderson's press secretary Athana Mentzelopoulos as the deputy minister of the Intergovernmental Relations Secretariat.

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Wonder how Thorpe looks in a wet suit?

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