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Public Eye has been hearing persistent rumours from provincial Liberals outside government that the business community has become increasingly disgruntled with the party's on-the-job performance. And on June 3, we may find out if there's any substance to those claims. On that date, the Liberals will host their annual Dinner Under The Sails fundraiser at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Last year, the party sold more than 2,122 tickets to that event, with 1,838 being purchased by organizations. Those sales ended up earning the Liberals a whopping $633,998. But if those numbers are dramatically lower this year, it could be an indication there's been a serious accident at the intersection between Government and Howe Street. For reference sake, the Liberals sold 1,827 tickets the year before the last election, taking in $456,750.

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Although it is fair to say that the business community has been disappointed with the performance of the Liberals to date, I think that the fear of the NDP will help mitigate the concerns!

I suspect that the event will be well attended in an effort to help build the Liberal war chest for next spring.

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