It looks like "a machine-pressed piece of organic waste"

In 133 years of recorded provincial legislative history, no one had uttered the words "energy bar" in the House until Delta South MLA Val Roddick did. In a member statement, delivered on April 19, Ms. Roddick rose from her seat to tell fellow legislators and the assembled press about, "Perfect 10, a superb energy bar composed of ten natural ingredients, including locally-grown Delta cranberries." Evidently, "the bars are gluten- and dairy-free. They come in five flavours, with chocolate on the way, and they are simply delicious."

Ms. Roddick went on for another couple minutes, but we won't. Nor will we comment on the value of running infomercials such as this on Hansard TV. But Public Eye did do a taste test to see whether Perfect 10 energy bars lived up to Ms. Roddick's hype.

And this was the result: as a rule, energy bars aren't attractive. But this one was less attractive then most, resembling a machine-pressed piece of organic waste. But the smell was considerably better: earthy but sweet at the same time - a bit like mouthwash.

And now for the first bite: very nutty but surprisingly moist (a good sign since most energy bars are dry and bland). There was some lemon flavouring, as promised on the packaging. And it's pretty filling too, although not enough to make a meal of it.

Since Public Eye isn't a nutritionist, we can't say whether Perfect 10 is a healthy food choice. But, if you want to buy a decent tasting energy bar, you could do worse than this one.

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