Should she stay or should she go now

Professional radical feminist Donna Cameron, provincial New Democrat leader Carole James' assistant and travelling companion, may be sidelined before the next election say party bosses and advisors. Ms. Cameron, who ran Ms. James' leadership campaign, gained a reputation while the New Democrats were in government for alienating fellow ministerial assistants with her blunt-instrument management style. And now she's succeeded in doing the same to some Opposition caucus and party staff members. Another more minor irritant: Ms. Cameron records Ms. James's interviews with a pen rather than a microphone. Of course, there's no guarantee all that will be enough to move Ms. Cameron aside. After all, Ms. James has shown an enormous amount of attachment to her assistant.



"RADICAL FEMINIST" Such a serious charge needs to be acted upon now!!! Purge them all. Why start with a low level assistant to a provincial leader though.

Let's begin at the beginning and renew the witchhunts. Erase any evidence of the Nelly McLungs and others whose courage transformed a social system that oppressed both genders "although not equally" for centuries.

Fire them all. Our mothers, sisters, cousins, friends, wives and most importantly our grandmohters before they become known as "RAGING"

Imagine, strong, competent and caring women like Joy McPhail, Cristy Clark, Adrian Carr, Jenny Kwan, Linda Reid, Iona Campanola and others actually believe they have a right and a place in the hardball and sometimes heartbreaking arena of political life.

The wonderful thing about democracy is that we can clash passionately but peacefully over ideas and ideals, contend vigorously but with integrity over committments and dearly held opinions even though they provoke strong reaction from others.

In my experience the term "RADICAL FEMINIST" means competent, committed, and caring person.

It is not and was not ever intended to be a derogatory term for a female who dares to live her beliefs.

Finally, I ask what will the rest of us do when the batteries run out and we can't rely on a tape to record events? Perhaps we could teach people how to actually put pen to paper again do you think?

Whaddsup with the name-calling? Gee, I like Donna and i worked at the big house once too. Don't tell me the writer is a gadget lover. Signed, still crzy after all these years.

Gee, this is seriously i met Iona Campanola, shes is the nicest person i have ever met...she has a heart! so your pretty much crazy! Iona is a really intellegent person, and to stand at where she is at must be tough for her..and gee ladies have the things that guys dont so haha ur all crazy.

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