Following in Keith Baldrey's footsteps?

Will Province columnist Mike Smyth be trading his pen in for a microphone? Sources inside and outside the legislature have been asking that question for weeks/months, saying that CityTV and/or Vancouver radio station CKNW are looking to hire him. But, in an interview, Mr. Smyth assures us that's not the case, with neither broadcaster having put an offer on the table. However, next week, he will be hosting The Agenda on CKNW, where he also does a morning commentary with host Frosty Forst.


I do appreciate and enjoy your reporting very much,although I am uncomfortable with your frequent use of the announcers name during your report. It gives me the feeling that I am eavesdropping a private conversation. I understand the referral at the beginning and the end which indicates the beginning and end of the report.

Keep up the good work.


Joan Adams, Vanderhoof.

well, Mr. Baldrey..I have listened to you before but I'm very disappointed with your constant referral to the "Christian Right"..Do you honestly think that only these people are against same sex marriage and abortion..there are millions across Canada who believe that and are not professing Christians..come about "the Muslim Right" or the "Sikh Right" or the you name it that don't believe in these immoral laws..It's the "left leaning, socialist, ideologies that use health care and education as the basis to further their hidden agenda's platforms..My father who came from Russia as a Mennonite immigrant could fill you in on communism(socialism) and what they fed the poor people in lies..Where is Russia now??It's the Christian faith that has kept our country from going under over the decades of corruption and decay under. Now we may have a chance to redeem our selves..Stephen Harper is a brilliant man and a stratagist..He will do very well and will work with all the parties despite the media and it's left wing reporters..

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